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Front view of shiny metal organ pipes.

July 20, 2020

Front view of shiny metal organ pipes.

July 21, 2020

Front view of shiny metal organ pipes.

July 22, 2020

Front view of shiny metal organ pipes.

July 23, 2020

Front view of shiny metal organ pipes.

July 24, 2020

AGO OrganFest 2020 Steering Committee

  • Michael Velting, Chair
  • David Brensinger
  • Matthew Burt
  • Carson Cooman
  • Nelson Dodge
  • Will Gotmer
  • Nicole Marane
  • Leslie Wolf Robb
  • Vicki Schaeffer
  • James Thomashower
  • Janet Yieh

About OrganFest 2020

Beauty in the Midst of Chaos

OrganFest 2020 was born out of disappointment at the unfortunate need to cancel the AGO National Convention that was to have taken place in Atlanta in early July. The collective sadness at not being able to gather in person, to mingle with friends, attend concerts, hear new music, worship, and learn new skills in workshops, left us feeling deflated and frustrated.

The AGO decided that instead of simply moving the National Convention to a virtual format and charging a fee for members to attend, we wanted to create an online organ festival as a gift to our community; a gift of beauty in an otherwise chaotic time, and one that would be accessible to all free of charge.

The backbone of OrganFest is the performance of five newly-composed organ works, commissioned for the National Convention, preceded by a conversation with the composer. Appearances by two outstanding choirs, as well as by competition winners in interpretation and improvisation in recent American and Canadian organ competitions, supplement the conferral of awards and prizes and brief appearances by National Officers and Councillors.

OrganFest 2020 comprises five evenings of about an hour each of music, traversing a wide range of musical styles and instruments. The Festival premieres each evening at 8pm Eastern, and will be archived so that the contents may be enjoyed again at a later time.

We very much hope that in the chaos of pandemic and unrest these moments of beauty bring you respite and joy.

AGO OrganFest 2020 is made possible thanks to the generosity of