Pipe Talks

Special thanks to the PipeTalks presenters (view bios) who graciously redesigned and reproduced their work originally intended for the Atlanta National Convention in record time! Their exciting array of videos and documents represent months and years of research, and we are happy to offer their expertise, ideas, and resources. Presenters have provided links, bibliographies, and contact information for further information.

Messiaen’s Forgotten “Mi” Rediscovering the Organ Music of Claire Delbos
Nicholas Capozzoli
Your Chapter Can Create a Mentoring Program for Emerging Music Leaders
Vince Carr
I Have a Degree - What Can the AGO Do for Me
Don Cook
MUSIC SCORE: Trumpet Intrada
John Dixon

Permission granted to AGO members to reproduce for personal use, including playing in services or recitals, streaming or broadcasting, without payment.

The Four Pillars of Youth Choirs
Emily Floyd
Leo Sowerby
Faythe Freese
Building Organists Through the AGO Achievement Awards
Jonathan B. Hall
The Relevance and Rewards of AGO Certification
Sarah Harr
Organ First! Successfully Teaching the Organ as a First Instrument to Young Children
Nora Hess
Transcribing the Nine
Thomas Heywood
Musical Freedom
Wilma Jensen
Introducing Pianists to the Organ
Zach Klobnak and Leslie Wolf Robb
Lessons from Leipzig
Robert Knupp
Be Still My Soul: Pastoral and Practical Musical Resources for Weddings and Funerals
Benjamin Kolodziej
Leading Ladies… Lasting Legacies: Emma Lou Diemer, Marilyn Mason and Alice Parker
Darlene Kuperus
The Triple Threat Organist: Playing, Conducting and Leading from the Console
Clair Maxwell
Secularism and the Organ: An Obstacle or Opportunity?
Alexander Meszler
Flor Peeters: A Legacy of Value
Linda Patterson
The Gleason-Crozier Legacy
David Pickering
Foresight is 20/20: Preparing for Graduate School Applications
Jordan Prescott
A Discussion for New Organ Teachers: Where to Start and How to Proceed?
Stephen Price
Book Presentation: Realizing Thoroughbass Chorales in the Circle of J. S. Bach
Derek Remeš
Building on Your Chapter’s Best Practices as You Seek, Encourage, and Respect – One Person at a Time!
Leslie Wolf Robb
Orgelkids USA: How to Harness This Powerful Tool
Erin Scheessele
Both Sides Now: The Musical and Pastoral Roles of Being a Church Musician
The Rev. Beth Brown Shugart
William Walker: Shaper of Southern Song
Charles Steele
An Introduction of the Organ School
Ulrike Theresia Wegele
Opinions presented here are those of the individual presenters and do not necessarily represent the views of the American Guild of Organists. For copyright information and sources, please contact the individual presenter.